Structuring The Messiness Of Innovation

Innovation is messy.

Innovation requires taking paths not yet charted.

Innovation involves risk.

Because of the inherent nature of Innovation, most companies are stuck in the rut of incremental improvement. Unfortunately, incremental improvement does not result in sustainable differentiation. And customers buy (and pay a premium for) differentiation, not sameness.

To create breakthrough innovations with compelling value propositions, you need a time-tested, battle-hardened regimen. Much like the Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur allows you to describe, design and invent your business model, the Innovation Navigation regimen, or IN-90, shows you how to put structure around the creative process of innovation.

Here’s why you need IN-90: Ninety percent of all company innovation projects die after their ninetieth day of life according to The Harvard Business Review. Most people in large organizations have lived through the trauma: people drop off the team, budgets get cut, or priorities change.

To overcome this natural biorhythm of organizations, the IN-90 regimen requires a high level of intensity for ninety consecutive days. It uses a structured innovation framework and agile development combined with customer collaboration, rapid prototyping, and financial and marketing modeling. As a good steward of your organization, you can’t afford not to adopt the IN-90 regimen.

Fortunately, we put everything we’ve learned into a step-by-step process that guides you from fuzzy thought to firm reality in 90 days.

Our book helps you create 15 maps to navigate through the messiness of innovation and will provide you with 4 documents that provide structure to your innovation efforts.

Innovation Navigation — The Book.

Innovation Navigation offers a new step-by-step approach to systematically move from a fuzzy thought to firm reality in 90 days.

You will learn how to use an innovation framework coupled with agile methodology to create rapid prototypes of products and services customers actually want. Innovation Navigation features mapping exercises, illustrations, and one-page summary tools used by startups, marketing agencies, consultancies, and companies worldwide, including Google, Apple, Nissan, Hospital Corporation of America, P&G, and The Coca-Cola Company. Discover how to build support for your innovation while inoculating against “organizational antibodies” bent on destroying anything new.

Innovation Navigation is for those ready to stop talking and start building. If you want to create a breakthrough innovation and not just an incremental improvement, you need this guide.

And you need it now.

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What’s in the Book:

15 Maps:

  • Preparation: Risk Appetite, Setting Your Direction, Inspiring Pioneers and the Passenger Manifest

  • Desirability: Stress, Customer Experience, Compensating Behaviors, Solutions, Assumptions, Allies and Value Proposition

  • Feasibility: Assets and Minimum Viable Product

  • Viability: Cost Structure and Launch Plan

Four Useful Templates:

  • Project Charter

  • Design Brief

  • Feedback Plan

  • Overcoming Objections

Three Compelling Case Studies:

  • Coca-Cola Freestyle

  • Nissan Friends & Family Plan

  • Mobile Digital Media

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Praise for Innovation Navigation

Accelerate Innovation

“Every senior executive, marketer, product developer, ad agency, and consulting firm needs to read this book and learn how to accelerate innovation or you’ll risk losing big chunks of business overnight!”

Scott McNabb, Vice-President at Oracle

Structured Process

“This is the type of structured process that large client organizations can embrace while providing the freedom creative agencies need.”

Gary Steele, Managing Director at Publicis

Winning Principles

“Defining roles and responsibilities, communicating clearly, and holding each other responsible are the core characteristics of a successful team. If you follow the principles in this book, you’re going to be in a position to win.”

Mike Krzyzewski, USA Basketball Head Coach

A Must-Read Guide

“This is a must-read guide on how to build, run, and lead innovation teams under time pressure. But in today’s competitive world, who isn’t under pressure to move fast?”

Lee Caraher, Author of ‘Millenials and Management: The Essential Guide To Making It Work At Work’

Tools to Break Down Barriers

“Every industry is experiencing massive change. No one knows this better than the automotive retailing industry. Fortunately, we’ve used many of the tools in this book to break down barriers that are over 100 years old. If we can do it, you can too.”

Gerard Killeen, Senior Manager at Nissan North America

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