How can you transform fuzzy ideas into tangible reality in 90 days? How do you co-create with stakeholders up and down the value chain?

The IN-90 Workshop will guide you step-by-step over 90 days to determine what customers desire, what is feasible to build, and what is viable for your organization to execute. You will use a proven approach to overcome objections, simplify operations and clarify who does what.

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Part 1: What’s Desirable?

Part 2: What’s Feasible?

Part 3: What’s Viable?

Tuition: $12,000 USD
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Program tuition includes course materials, customer interviews, skilled business modeling (see Key Activities), breakfast and lunch each day. Lodging and travel not included.


Workshop Key Activities

Field research: What do customers want?

Understanding what customers want, need, and will pay for will ground your thinking and ensure you have a human-centric understanding of what is motivating, compelling and inspiring. You and your team will:

  • Interview and observe customers in the field to understand what drives their behavior
  • Synthesize and analyze your findings to discover insights that will drive your innovation
  • Convert these insights into a Design Brief to inspire your idea generation and designs

Iterative prototyping: What can you build or create?

Using your Design Brief, your team will partner with illustrators, graphic designers, IT architects, UX architects and other innovation artisans. As an external team, you’ll go to the Maker’s Lab at Duke University to prototype to your potential solutions. You will be able to create the “look and feel” of your solution so you can take it to customers for feedback and learning.

Viability modeling: Who needs to do what?

Your team will now shift focus to creating and delivering value, maintaining customer relationships, and generating revenue because all of these activities involve costs to your organization. You’ll use a three-year timeframe to determine your break-even in cost savings or revenue generation. You’ll then build your marketing plan and link marketing activities to sales. This exercise will determine your marketing ROI.

Sample Day:

Full breakfast at Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship workspace

Morning Session I
Research Review

Morning Session II
Synthesis and Analysis

Lunch and Learn with a University Professor specializing in your field.

Afternoon Session I
Rough Design

Afternoon Session II
Rapid Prototyping

Cocktail Reception and networking with Workshop participants


Workshop Benefits

IN-90 will transform your ideas to reality:

IN-90 Framework

You’ll learn how to use a clear, relevant and intuitively understandable framework that doesn’t oversimplify the complexities of how organizations truly function.

Time-tested Regimen

You’ll learn how to use innovation maps to help you identify what’s important, drive decisions and map your actions so you can reduce complexity and risk.

Tangible Deliverables

You’ll develop a Project Charter, Design Brief, Feedback Plan and Overcoming Objections document that will link insights to solutions to execution.


You’ll learn how to how to coordinate and collaborate in 15 minutes each day, deliver “quick wins” every two weeks, and deliver a “shippable product” in 90 days.

Compare Our Workshops

Workshop Customer Co-Creation Immersion Iterative Prototyping Workshop IN-90 Workshop
This workshop is best suited for… Kicking off new projects Developing solutions to well understood problems Rapidly accelerating innovations to the marketplace
You will… Interview and observe customers to understand their pains and generate solutions with compelling value propositions Iteratively prototype solutions and collect feedback up and down your value chain to optimize your innovation Participate in the other workshops and build financial and marketing models to guide the launch of your solution
Workshops will be… Two and a half days Two and a half days Three one-week workshops over 90 days.
You will learn…
  • IN-90 Framework
  • Design Thinking Principles
  • 10 Interview Techniques
  • Behaviors of 3-5 Customers
  • Key Customer Insights
  • 10 Prototyping Techniques
  • IN-90 Framework
  • Design Thinking Principles
  • 10 Prototyping Techniques
  • How To Build 3 Prototypes
  • Feedback of 3-5 Customers
  • Compelling Value Proposition
Everything in other workshops, plus:

  • Financial Breakeven
  • Profitability Per Unit/Customer
  • Return On Investment
  • Marketing To Innovators
  • Building Sales Momentum
  • Sales and Marketing Metrics
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