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What We Discover (or Validate) For You

  • What’s Desirable?

    What’s needed or wanted badly enough to separate people from their hard-earned cash or precious time?

  • What’s Feasible?

    What can you build given your resources that’s significantly cheaper, better, faster or more convenient?

  • What’s Viable?

    What can you deliver, support and grow that will generate sufficient profits or growth for your stakeholders?

It’s at the intersection of these three questions that breakthrough innovations occur.

What We Do With (or For) You

Why It Will Work For You

Academic research and practical experience show there are four fundamental practices critical to creating a successful innovation.

A Flexible Framework

People need some structure to get from idea to reality. The innovation journey is confusing, complex, and full of unexpected twists and turns. You’ll need techniques, methods, tips, and maps to give voice to your customers and allow their needs to guide the creation and implementation of your innovation. By using a disciplined process, you will be able to keep all stakeholders informed where you are on your innovation journey.

A Flexible Framework

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Multi-Disciplinary Teams

You will have a higher likelihood of success at solving difficult problems by intentionally assembling the right team of people. This team will work best if it consists of a core group of 4-6 individuals supported with 4 – 6 “T-shaped” thinkers with broad industry experience and deep functional expertise who may come from your marketing agency or be supplied by us. By mixing different disciplinary and educational backgrounds, you will have a better chance of coming up with unexpected solutions and optimize your innovation.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

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Dedicated Spaces

People tend to perform at their peak when their role is clearly understood and their responsibilities are clearly defined. Innovation is a “contact sport” where individuals need to share their work with the rest of the team in a dedicated space. This environment encourages iterative thinking, collaboration, and helps overcome objections. By creating a dedicated physical space, you’ll be able to shift your mindset from the daily “tyranny of the urgent” to the more important task of innovation.

Dedicated Spaces

Finite Timeframes

Research shows 90% of innovation projects fail after their 90th day of life. Why? Because most people work best with deadlines and concrete timelines. Likewise, an innovation project with a beginning (What’s Desirable), middle (What’s Feasible), and end (What’s Viable) is more likely to keep the team motivated and focused on moving forward. By breaking the beginning, middle, and end into thirty day phases of work, you’ll be able to transform your idea to reality in 90 days.

Finite Timeframes

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